Art in Odd Places 2017: SENSE


The Unknown and the Unknowables is a multimedia two-site installation that begins with unfamiliar and forgotten imagery from the Associated Press’ photographic news archive. These images act as a catalyst challenging our understanding and participation with the visual record. At the second site, I’ll unleash another part of the archive, the unknowables, hybrid beings that float in and out of analog and digital space, shaking off recognizable markers, such as culture and placement in time. The unknowables live in a frenzied state as they are transported to the digital realm, with utterings, lingering emotions and secrets from the past spilling out.


Nat Castañeda is a visual artist based in Brooklyn. Castañeda works primarily in video and collage and common issues in her work are the role of technology within personal narratives and the questioning of the historic record. In addition, Castañeda works at The Associated Press where she curates contemporary and historic photojournalism.